To enable viewing of reports identified with the specific computer's user name and IP address, two components must be installed:

1. DNS Proxy - Linux machine, installed with WebTitan ISO file (download from here)

2. WADA - WebTitan Active Directory Agent -A component that is installed on the AD. If there are multiple AD, it should be installed on each of them.

Installation guide:

DNS Proxy Important to know:

1. admin username and password gor web GUI



2. Configuration -> Active Directory - It is better to write the IP addresses of the DC and not the domain name. Add all DC's if there is more then one.

3. Configuration -> Network -> DNS Settings -> Exceptions , Insert the domain name and addresses of the DC.

4. If the customer has Physical Environment, then he need to create a virtual machine (HyperV or VMware) and create the virtual appliance DNS Proxy.