OTG stands for 'on the go' and is a roaming client for Windows and Mac users to filter content on devices being used outside of your network. 

OTG is an endpoint client that allows off-network roaming by users while continuing to apply their policy.

Quick Installation:

1. download the msi installation file 


2. the msi file is install by cmd command.

setup.msi /quiet /qb WTC_SERVER_URL=https://ofekcloud.webtitancloud.com:8443 DNS_RESOLVER=, CUSTOMER_EMAIL=DDD@ofEEEkDDCd.com CUSTOMER_PASSWORD=XXXXX FORWARD_DOMAIN=true

On the "customer_email" and "customer_password" parameters- you need to enter your WebTitan login credentials.

After Installation:

1. Under "Roaming" you will see record with the ip address of the machine

2. Under "Users" there will be a new user with the machine name

3. Under "Reporting" you can see the reports