This article explain how to download and configure VPN FortiClient.

  1. Download the installerfile from here:
    1. Installer for Windows
    2. Installer for MAC

If one of the following links shows XML error,download the relevant version to your OS via Here!!!!

  1. Run the installer-
    1. On the first page- sign "V" on "Yes, I have read and accept the License Agreement" and click on "Next".

    2. Make sure the option of "Secure Remote Access"(1) is marked and click "Next" until the installation will finished and click on "Finished" (2)
  2. Configure the VPN-
    1. Open the FortiClient shortcut has created on your desktop 
    2. Navigate to "Remote Access" and click on "Configure VPN"
    3. Fill the following on the fields and click "Save":
      • Connection Name: VPN
      • Description: Ofek VPN
      • Remote Gateway: or use the IP address
      • Customize Port: 443
    4. Insert you VPN user and password and click "Connect"
  3. Once the VPN will connect, you will allow to login to your Terminal.