• MS SQL not showing as available Data source in Backup Manager
  • Device confirmed to be using MS SQL


  • SolarWinds Backup And Recovery
  • SolarWinds RMM
    • Backup & Recovery
  • SolarWinds N-central
    • MSP Backup
  • MS SQL Server (including Express Edition) 2005 and newer


  1. Confirm that SQL Server VSS Writer service has Status of "Started" and Startup Type set to 'Automatic'
    1. Press Windows Key + R
    2. Type services.msc
    3. Find the SQL Server VSS Writer
  2. From Command Prompt run vssadmin list writers and ensure that SqlServerWriter is present and stable
    • If not stable Restart SQL server VSS Writer service and check again if it is not
      1. From the services.msc window in step one
      2. Right click the SQL Server VSS Writer and click Restart
  3. Change permissions of SQL Server VSS Writer service to run as Administrator account
    1. From services.msc
    2. Right-click on SQL server VSS Writer service
    3. Click Properties > Log On tab, specify Administrator credentials
    4. Click Apply
    5. Restart following services from services.msc
      • Cryptographic Services
      • Volume Shadow Copy
      • Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider
      • Backup Service Controller
  4. Check Backup Manager to see if MS SQL data source now available